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Hello minecrafters

This is my first post so I apologize for being rude but.. Holy cow 1.4.4 is out!

Hello again!!!!

Hello people I’m back and at it again sorry for the hold up but my personal life has been busy thanks for not getting to angry    🙂

the ranks of cool ( t.r.o.c.

ill post more on this later


guys i will soon post an easy grievous then a hard one c u till the next post!


instructions finally even though the Yoda is simple! Now after finishing tweak yo your design!

almost almost!!

hey guys just a couple more posts now!

zoning in on death star main reactor core

I almost have those instructions guys don’t worry

are you guys out their?

are you guys out there its awfully lonely in antarctica:(

back I am

Hey guys I’m going to add a instructions page soon okay!

Welcome to the Origami Yoda Initiative of Awesomeness!

Hey guys out there and you super folders who hang out at origami Yoda.com and oyit its Jackson here and Yoda!(origami of course). I might not post as often but if you want to send me ideas for origami I’ll be happy to post them ….. and announce you as a super folder. Now tootles, I’ve got to come up with some more pages for this website blog thingy oh  whatever it is.  See you in future posts!!!